Is Jake Paul Really a Large Betting Favorite Over Paddy Pimblett?

Paddy Pimblett Vs Jake Paul

Jake Paul publicly offered Paddy the Baddy 1 one million dollars. The deal states that Paddy would travel to Puerto Rico on Paul’s dime and spar on Youtube, and betting sites have set Jake Paul odds and Paddy Pimblett odds for this five round boxing match available at the safest boxing betting sites.

Is Jake Paul Really a Large Betting Favorite Over Paddy Pimblett?

Yes, Jake Paul the completely untested 200 pound fighter is the favorite here and that shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s defeated three MMA fighters in exhibition boxing matches that shouldn’t have happened, each fighter well beyond their competition age. Now he calls out a fighter who fights 45 pounds smaller than the weight limit for Cruiserweight. The general population doesn’t seem to understand. In addition, Pimblett is scheduled to fight just two days prior, one of the most competitive MMA fights of his career on December 10th versus Jared Gordon.

Is Jake Paul Tested for Steroids and Is that a Factor?

Paul has never been drug tested for any of his boxing matches, and this should appear obvious. When fighters cheat even a little bit, it can offer extraordinary advantages, but Jake Paul has unfettered access to PEDs, unmarred by any organization. This is a massive factor in his success, and we’re sure oddsmakers are taking this into consideration when forming the Jake Paul odds.

Jake Paul -250 vs Paddy Pimblett +175

Pimblett is more of a grappler than a striker. For the majority of his career and his rise to the title at Cage Warriors, Paddy focused on submission wins and was known for risky moves such as flying triangles. It’s not surprising to see Paul as a favorite after his recent knockout win of Anderson Silva, who’s three weight classes heavier than Pimblett.

Jake Paul Odds vs Paddy the Baddy

Paul’s money line pays $40 per $100 wager, a fantastic return for yet another non-boxer to face Paul. It’s clear at this point that Paul is targeting UFC athletes because of visibility. Boxing fans hate Paul, but MMA fans are more widespread and often casual, willing to watch anything exciting.This bout feels more like a spectacle, and betting on Jake Pual fights feels more and more like betting on WWE bouts. The right choice here is Jake Paul.

Can Jake Paul Knockout Paddy Pimblett?

Anyone can get knocked out. This isn’t a sanctioned, athletic commission event. Behind closed doors, Paul and Pimblett could come to any kind of agreement about how hard they’ll spar and the bettor wouldn’t know. Still, it’s likely that in a fair athletic competition Paul could knock out Paddy Pimblett, but the Baddy could also knock out Paul. Defensively, Paul is still fairly rudimentary, and Pimblett has a real chance of landing a haymaker.

Paddy Pimblett Odds History

Pimblett’s been a favorite in his last five fights, and hasn’t been the underdog since his loss to Soren Bok. He’s lost three fights to date, but Paddy has only been the underdog once. Luigi Vindarami is on the only fighter Paddy has ever knocked out on his feet, and Paddy was a -145 favorite. He’s ranged from -160 to -600 over his last six wins.

What are the Rules of Paddy the Baddy vs Jake Paul Sparring?
What’s been agreed on is that they’ll have a five round boxing match, three minutes per round. Many pieces of this challenge are unclear. For example, who’s going to judge the fight? Are corners allowed, is there a crowd, and are we using headgear? There is no clear distinction on how Pimblett could ‘beat’ Jake Paul other than a knockout or if Paul simply decides to offer him the cash.

Jake Paul vs Paddy Pimblett Boxing Analysis

Let’s look at Pimblett’s one knockout in the UFC. This standing finish of Luigi, who was debuting for the promotion, was more of a wild exchange than a technical show of boxing. Pimblett is marching forward, eating shots along the way. Pimblett is a weight bully, and has the advantage on the feet because of size and reach, something he’ll give up against Jake Paul.

Tale of the Tape for Jake Paul vs Paddy Pimblett

FighterJake PaulPaddy Pimblett
Knockout or Strike Finishes55

Paul has advantages in knockout percentage overall. Pimblett’s out to prove that these fights are fixed, and that he’ll march right through Jake Paul. Any way you spin it, Paul is an untested athlete, facing a highly monitored athlete. He’ll have the power advantage, and he’s reaching across sports to take on a less experienced striker.

Where is the Best Place to Bet on Paddy Pimblett vs Jake Paul?

We took the odds for this fight from, and many sites don’t have current odds. Check out some of the legal online gambling sites in your area, and expect odds to appear under boxing exhibitions sometime next week. The big money sparring match is set for December 12th, 2022.

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