Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji Opening Odds and Pick

Mayweather vs Deji Odds

Floyd Mayweather knocked out RIZIN star Mikuri Asakura last weekend, and the fight with Deji was announced just days later. Mayweather vs Deji opening odds will be released by a number of boxing betting sites; but we’re using speculative odds gathered from boxing analysts recctiving to the fight annoucnemnet. 

When Will Mayweather vs Deji Take Place?

Early announcements have been November 13th, 2022. It looks like they’re still brokering the deal, but the fight should take place in Coca Cola Arena in Dubai, UAE.  The cuts of purse and PPV will be determined by Global Titans, a new promoter that has sprung out of nowhere to do this fight. 

Floyd Mayweather -1000 vs Deji +700

The speculative odds are offering $10 of winnings per $100 wager on Mayweather.

If this turns out to be the true opening odds, bet the house.

Mayweather has shown no sign of fading and certainly not fading to Deji’s level. Mayweather is no stranger to knocking someone out in an exhibition, but we bet Mayweather will carry Deji the way he did Jake Paul. This is on par with one of the easiest wins I’ve ever seen Floyd take. 

Who is Deji?

Deji is a Youtuber with 10.7 Million subscribers. He’s coming off his first ever win in a boxing exhibition win against fellow creator Fousey. His record in exhibition boxing is 1-3. Deji is KSI’s younger brother, another Youtuber that has garnered plenty of attention for boxing Jake Paul and re-launching the celebrity boxing industry. 

Tale of the Tape: Mayweather vs Deji

Fighter Floyd ‘Money’ MayweatherOladeji Daniel “Deji” Olatunji
World Ranking Greatest Ever Nill
Total Fights564
Record50-0 (56-0 with Exhibition)1-3
StanceOrthodox Switch
Weight class
150 pounds 185 pounds 

Why is Deji getting the fight with Mayweather after only one win? Put simply, he has the attention of the youth.

Deji vs Fousey sold 575 thousand PPV buys.

Mayweather vs Deji could be the highest selling PPV ever. There is no reason on this planet or any other that Mayweather should even feel threatened, and it will be surprising if the odds don’t climb closer to -10,000 in Floyd’s favor as fight time approaches. 

Floyd vs Deji Boxing Highlights

Recently against Asakura, Floyd looked more loose than usual. He opened his guard and took a few shots on the chin before landing his knockout blows. It’s unclear why Floyd shied away from his classic Philly Shell defense. It may be that he’s more interested in making the crowd react than he is taking no damage. 

Floyd looks as if he finally decides to flip the switch and finish the fight whenever he’s ready. Some bettors are asking themselves, “How long can Floyd do this for?” The answer is another decade. Floyd will beat the up and coming Youtube celebs as long as he’d like regardless of age. 

Deji vs Fousey

You can’t find Deji vs Fousey on the internet for free. So if you missed the fight, you’ll need to lay down your credit card to watch it. It’s clear that Deji is improving, but this is a man that was losing to amatuers just four years ago. Mayweather vs Deji odds are skewed in Deji’s favor because his fans will bet on him. One thing is clear, the fandom of Deji is carrying him more than his ability. 

Mayweather vs Deji Opening Odds and Sports Books

We’ll be covering this event as it unfolds. For now, scroll for sports books in your area with boxing coverage, and watch the Mayweather vs Deji odds slowly become more lopsided as early parlay bettors place their picks. 

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